Thursday, November 09, 2006


Haggard begins spiritual 'restoration' -

"'From the Christian perspective, we think in terms of prayer, we think in terms of what we call godly counsel, where godly men who are clean themselves insert themselves in the life of the one who is struggling,' London said.

The symbolic laying on of hands may also be a part of the recovery, London said.

'I'm sure there will be those who lay their hands on Pastor Haggard as an act of faith, calling on the act of God to restore and heal,' he said. 'The prayer can be therapeutic, the laying on of hands can be ceremonial.'"

Huh! "Laying on of hands" and "men... ...insert themselves in the life of..." !!!

This is what Christian "leaders" come up with as therapy for a man who paid for massage from a gay, male prostitute! Is this just dark comedy, poor taste, or complete ignorance?

Do none of them see that maybe the message for Haggard and his ilk is that they should give up their hate and fear based lifestyles and just live by the Golden Rule!

The unnatural thinking espoused by most organized religions has for me, become like an expansive commercial for Atheism!

- Frank

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