Tuesday, July 17, 2007


The book that rocked SmugMug

Link to posting at smugblog: Chris MacAskill
"The last people you’d expect to read a book about diet would be thin, Coke-drinking, bacon and burger-loving young geeks.

But The China Study rocked the house, getting half of SmugMug’s 25 people and 3-dozen of our dearest friends to completely change what we eat. I didn’t dare blog about it for a year because who knew how many people would grow tired of our new diets and quit? Or gain back lost weight…"
My first reaction to this was a strong bit of skepticism. But I've been dealing with the MacAskill family for years as a customer (books via FatBrain, SmugMug.com, and almost for Internet access years ago), and integrity has always been their strong point.

Based on this history, I will pursue this and suggest you do the same.-- Frank

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