Thursday, July 19, 2007


Illegal Codecs Put Me Off Linux

Link to complete article at Datamation
"Linux has a number of really strong points that go beyond the price (reliability, ease of use and low hardware requirements to name but a few), but the operating system falls short when it comes to legally supporting file formats such as MP3, WMA/WMV and DVDs. It’s not that you don’t have support for these formats available, it’s that adding support means entering into some really shady legal territory."
- Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
A short, but very accurate article. I just set up a laptop myself, using Ubuntu (7.04), and was blown away by ease of installation, speed, useful user interface, and tremendous breadth of applications. But my first email received, included a movie clip in WMV format and I spent the next day downloading crap to get it to play. :-(

It is a shame to be thwarted by legal and business (greed) issues, because compared to Windows or Mac OS X, Linux is clearly the technical leader. These audio/video issues have soured me on the whole Linux idea.

Maybe Sun's Solaris will be my next trial.
- Frank


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