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Top Censored Media Stories of 2007

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I am passing this along as a friend passed it to me. This requires a little readjustment - a big readjustment - if this is your first exposure to it. After you realize what has been going on, though, you realize that your TV “news” and increasingly your single-source newspaper is more like entertainment-cum-diversion than actual information. (Yes, even NPR, though that seems to be by far the best broadcast journalism left in this country.) That’s why I stopped paying attention to the news as reported, even though I began my working life as a news reporter. If you want to understand the world, you can’t rely on TV or newspapers or newsmagazines or anything that is owned by corporations or depends on repeat business.

Go to books, the internet, and the actual world around you. Go to multiple sources with multiple conflicting agendas of their own - THEN add in “news’ from TV, radio, newspapers etc.

This is a lot of work, however, and few will do it. Be one of the few, or be manipulated; those are really your only choices.

Well, there is one other choice, one many of us choose at least intermittently, and that is to tune it all out and concentrate on our personal affairs. This line of conduct has its plusses and minuses too.

The intro paragraph quoted above is as important (IMHO) as the article referenced in the posting. It does take a lot of work to try and figure out what is going on in the world. I'm not sure yet, what any of us can do about it, but digging through the mire to find the facts is a good starting point for all of us. Thanks to Frank at Insights Blog for sharing this.
- Frank

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